View Full Version : DOWNTIME - December 11th [BACK ONLINE]

11th Dec 2014, 10:36
Hi everyone,

Unfortunately we're experiencing some technical difficulties with Nosgoth, server side. We're working to resolve those at the moment, but for the time being it means that Nosgoth will remain in maintenance mode. As soon as we have an ETA on when the game will be brought back online, we will share this with everyone.

Thank you all again so much for your patience! In the meantime, please make sure you read this update thread (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=149145) too about the bonuses we'll be sharing with you all once these tests are completed.

11th Dec 2014, 14:26
Nosgoth is now coming back online. We're still monitoring things closely, but do let us know if you run into any issues connecting to games. Thank you all for your patience!