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23rd Aug 2012, 23:08
Is there a Square Enix Store IRL? That would be really cool.*

24th Aug 2012, 04:37
www.square-enix.co.jp/showcase/ (http://www.square-enix.co.jp/showcase/)

24th Aug 2012, 17:34
To elaborate: there's a physical merchandise store in Tokyo's Shibuya district (convenient if you want to go there for a TWEWY themed self-tour!). You can't miss it since it has a lifesize statue of Sephiroth in the window inside floor.

25th Aug 2012, 00:59
semna12.webs.com/SE_Shop_Sephiroth_1.jpg (http://semna12.webs.com/SE_Shop_Sephiroth_1.jpg)

semna12.webs.com/SE_Shop_Sephiroth_2.jpg (http://semna12.webs.com/SE_Shop_Sephiroth_2.jpg)

25th Aug 2012, 14:35
I'm surprised how dull the main level of the showcase is, like light hardwood flooring? Window Stickers? The second floor should look the same as the main floor.

25th Aug 2012, 20:55
WOW that place looks awesome! Definitely going there if I ever go to Japan.

5th Sep 2012, 10:15
I did visit the Square Enix Show Case in Shinjuku during my time in Tokyo, here are some Photos:
imgur.com/a/wJcYS (http://imgur.com/a/wJcYS)

Those are taking with my mobile phone, i will later, when i have time update the album with pics from my other camera.
The presentation of all the items is wonderful and the large Sephiroth is simply awesome.

I have just arrived home from my trip this morning, now burried in work but i will also upload pictures and my report
on the Final Fantasy 25th Anniverary event in Tokyo

You can follow me on FB where i keep uploading various FF items.
www.facebook.com/FinalFantasyCollection (http://www.facebook.com/FinalFantasyCollection)

cheers /tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif

5th Sep 2012, 10:32
Fantastic images Andre! Thank you so much for sharing!

5th Sep 2012, 10:39
Thank you Colten!

6th Sep 2012, 00:38
Did you go to Japan just for the 25th anniversary event?

6th Sep 2012, 13:28
Did you go to Japan just for the 25th anniversary event?

No, i had planned having the holidays after finshing the project i was working on for a long time already but when
Square Enix heard about my holiday plans they arranged the Final Fantasy even to happen during my stay in Japan :D

5th Jan 2013, 19:02
Um, I remember the store going down so long ago I think around October or November...I really wanted to get some merchandise from the store so I could get some stuff for Christmas and I figured the Square Enix online store would be up after a week or two. But it's still down and it's January. How long is it gonna be down? I really want to buy some merchandise from SE but there is no way I could at the moment. Is there some note I missed that how long it's gonna take until it's back up or what?

6th Jan 2013, 01:19
Unfortunately we don't have any updates, but we are working on ways to get more products available to our customers in convenient purchasing methods.