View Full Version : ESL Closed Beta Cup Series #6

11th Dec 2014, 05:13
Hey guys! The Nosgoth Closed Beta Cup #6 is Sunday!

Holy guacamole, can you believe it we are already at week 6 since launching ESL for Nosgoth? How fun!
Make sure you sign up right away to participate!

EU can sign up here:

NA can sign up here:

The prizes for 1st place are 200€/$200

If you have any questions about this cup, previous cups, or even upcoming cups, let me know!

Good luck and have fun,

14th Dec 2014, 13:52
Hey guys!

dont forget the tourney!

15th Dec 2014, 14:41
Congrats to Dead Sun! chriZor, are you planning to a commentary of any of yesterday's matches? I'm looking forward to seeing what effect the new balance changes had on high-level play and seeing some more great games!

15th Dec 2014, 15:14
Hey Shutenti!

Yes, its already done. The matches are great! - The Patch is good. I am going to cut the matches and then they have to be uploaded. Gimme 6-Hours, i'll post it in my thread/twitter :-)

15th Dec 2014, 20:04
its up