View Full Version : Alchemist Light Bomb annoyance.

10th Dec 2014, 22:39

I have some issues with the alchemist's Sunlight Vial (please excuse the mistake in the title), not a bit deal but there's something about it in particular which is rather annoying. When the alchemist uses her Sunlight Vial near allies, the effect which blinds vampires also happens to allies but with less intensity. The allies screen tints white (while vamps' screens would go completely white with the blind), this obscures vision for the allies and can be quite a distraction.

Might be something that can be changed for clarity reasons, but as I said it's not a huge deal.

Happy Hunting! :):):)


10th Dec 2014, 23:23
It's kinda like a flashbang grenade, which makes sense why it would effect anyone within range.

11th Dec 2014, 12:45
Yes but the effect on allies is too intense, it should be lowered a bit. Plus, it's Sunlight, which should have little effect on humans. I often find myself disoriented whenever an allied alchemist uses the Sunlight Vial near me.

11th Dec 2014, 20:50
Looking at the sun is not easy on the eyes for anyone. Honestly my only gripe with sunlight vial Is the name should be swapped with light bomb.