View Full Version : (PS4) Game Freeze

10th Dec 2014, 16:41
I just opened a chest at the Osiris Shrine and now my PS4 just froze.

I can go back to PS4 Menu but i can't get into any Menu of the game.

all i can see is a message on the left lower corner which says: "unusal/special/extraordinary amulet found"
(translated from german org: "ungewöhnliches amulett gefunden")

and the chest is open and a light comes out of it.

if i remember right it did cost 250Gold or something...

So yes, i can't do anything else than quit the game -.-'
Thank you, such a bug where i have to quit game without saving and in the first houds of gameplay, i hope this will not continue :(

I restarted the game now an i had to continue from last saved spot, the amulet is no longer in the chest.

12th Dec 2014, 21:02
Hey there! Trying to investigate this a bit further. Do you have any DLC or the Season Pass installed? And which specific chest is it? Thank you!