View Full Version : Online PSN Store Not Downloading Items

10th Dec 2014, 12:58
I'm playing on PlayStation 4 and I just got my season pass from the Gold Edition and the download on PSN went fine for that. I then tried downloading the TR2013 skins that are exclusive to the season pass, but for some reason, they are not downloading at all. I tried to purchase other items on the Temple of Osiris Store and it still wouldn't allow me to download anything at all. I then told my sister, and we tried downloading content on her account, as she is the main running account on the PlayStation 4, but nothing would download at all on the Temple of Osiris store. We then download other items that were not Temple of Osiris related on the PSN store and they worked fine. We both had error codes appear every time we tried downloading something from the Temple of Osiris store as well. We tried verifying it with PlayStation support but even their help website could not register what the error codes meant.
Could this be a launch issue? It's weird because people in other countries such as America and Europe have told me that they have downloaded items from the Temple of Osiris Store easily enough. Hopefully I can find some help.:)

10th Dec 2014, 15:36
The items apart from the Survivor pack you get with the Season Pass, seem to have been removed from PSN, not sure why though.
But it's a PSN issue =/

11th Dec 2014, 00:10
Damn. Maybe I'll try downloading the TR2013 pack and I'll keep you all posted to as whether it works for me :)