View Full Version : Minor issues with ToO, hoping for a patch

10th Dec 2014, 01:18
So far I'm liking the game a lot but there are a few things that annoy me that I think I need to bring up now that there's a chance they could get patched.

- The leaderboards are not nearly as good as in GoL. Separate boards for each levels, all levels combined, single player or co-op, sortable by time or score, accurate to the millisecond? 10/10, couldn't have asked for more. Well maybe replays but that really pushing it. In ToO there's no section for combined total time, single player and co-op are mixed together, there's no way to sort by time and the time displayed doesn't seem accurate (plenty of impossibly fast times already). Big step backwards.

- Where did the "restart level" -option go from the menu? Restarting from a checkpoint just won't do when you're trying to complete something like a time challenge. Having to beat the level every time just to try again is very annoying. Being able to exit levels would be very nice too. Or just exit and re-enter to restart at the very least.

- No rebindable controls for gamepads? This was in GoL, how come it was removed?

- New game plus? I haven't beaten the game yet but a friend of mine mentioned that there didn't seem to be any which is a bit disappointing.

Also thanks for proper windowed mode, that wasn't in GoL and I prefer everything in a window so it was a nice surprise to see that.

10th Dec 2014, 06:09
Regarding the leaderboards, I'm ontop of a few on the PS4, though 1 of which was done in a co-op, so I can agree with you that it's to inaccurate on indication.

I'd like a restart level button too :(

It's not rebindable on PS4 either (and I assume Xbone too)

As far as new game plus goes, you can technically do it if you join a co-op and copy someones 0% save.
It will restart the entire story progress but you keep all your gear and challenge progression. (that's how it works on consoles atleast)