View Full Version : Dual CPU system = CRASH after launch

9th Dec 2014, 14:14
I'm running game on Windows 7 ULT x64 and following HW config:

- Asus Z9PE-D8 WS
- 2x Intel Xeon E5-2680V2 [40 logical core totally]
- 32GB RAM
- Asus HD7970 DC2T

This machine isn't build for gaming (I know), but from time-to-time I like to play some game as Tomb Raider.

Anyway the problem is that after launch following error pop-up:


The solution I found is lower the number of cores via msconfig:

Boot -> Advanced options... and tick on Number of processors

I switch from 40 to 12 (I choose 12 because regular i7 for socket LGA2011 has 12 logical cores)

Then I restarted computer and game works as it was expected, no crash after start.

[FYI, exactly same bug has Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 game]

Could it be fixed please ?

I don't want to switch number of cores in system everytime when I want to play single game.


EDIT: I just installed LC:TGoL and I can confirm same bug, crash after start with 40 cores

EDIT2: I opened the error log .mdmp, and it confirms my assumption of core limit for game engine:

Fatal error: Maximum number of threads exceeded for TransientHeapAllocator::LockedAlloc(). Increase the value of CDC_BUILD_TRANSIENTHEAP_TLS_MAX_THREADS.