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9th Dec 2014, 10:34
Dear Crystal Dynamics, I'm gonna talk a bit about your game: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. :)

Most of the things that were good about Guardian of Light are still good here: the combat, the platforming, the puzzles and the extensive weapon selection are still A-OK. I'm gonna talk mostly about the things that stood out for me in an either positive or negative way.


- NR.1 As I mentioned before I like the music in this game very much. It's a huge improvement over both Guardian of Light and TR9. It creates an atmosphere that reminds me of old-fashioned costume epics like The Ten Commandments or Spartacus. And that's a feeling that I've never had before in videogames. Thumbs up for the quality and originality :thumb:

- NR.2 Temple of Osiris is great as a single player game but it becomes a very special game experience when you open up your game for others to come in and take up the roles of the Egyptian gods so Lara can play with the big boys, just like Moses: :D


By the way, what would Moses think if he was to go into the Temple of Osiris and find out that the Egyptian gods are real after all? That would be embarrassing :D

Playing with others can sometimes be frustrating when you're teaming up with some clueless dunces who constantly walk the other way you're supposed to or can't figure out that we have to move the timebomb across the river and keep the staff of Osiris raised while doing it, but at other times, when me and capable players managed to solve a difficult situation together it felt so good that I wanted to give my online buddy a big old Egyptian high-five:


At one glorious moment during the final battle, al four of us were firing missles into Set with our rocket launchers! :D In other words: 4 player co-op is a huge asset to this game.

- NR.3 As someone who has read a thing or two about Egyptian mythology it was a joy to see how the team of Crystal Dynamics had also done their homework on this. The myth of Osiris and Isis is one of the most commonly told stories from ancient Egypt: the jealous god of the desert, Set, killing his brother Osiris, cutting him to pieces and scattering them across Egypt. Isis then gathers all pieces to put them back together again and with the help of Anubis turns Osiris into the first mummy. As I recall though, according to myth Isis could not find Osiris' genitalia, who were eaten by a fish. I guess that's for the best, because although I would support Lara falling in love and having a love scene, I don't think anybody is waiting for her to go into a temple and come across some giant Egyptian dong...


- NR.4 I love the lighthearted, comical dialogue between the four heroes. There have been several moments were I laughed out loud. A great improvement over Guardian, also in the story and characters department.

- NR.5 Many big monsters: several deities from Egyptian mythology show up as huge monstrosities and have to be violently put to rest: such as:

and Apophis:

Each monster encounter is original and requires a special way to take the beast down. By the way, I hope that with Lara and co. slaughtering all these Egyptian deities Crystal Dynamics won't be receiving hatemail and death threats from fanatical Kemetists (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kemetism)! :D

But now let's talk about THE BAD!


Nothing is perfect and Temple of Osiris is no exception!

NR.1 The rings and amulets all look the same, just with different colouring. In Guardian of Light there were several kinds of artifacts and all different relics. Not only did that make for more interesting imagery, it also provided a helpful visual tool: you would soon learn that owl artifacts improved defense, feathers speed, lizards bombs and so on. And then of course gold was better than stone, who was better than clay and so on. In Temple of Osiris there is no such visual tool: one has to select every ring and amulet and read all the descriptions in order to find out what benefits it will provide.

NR.2 I find the variation in enemies to be somewhat lacking. Basically there's four different enemies: skeletons, scarabs, gatormen (I've taken the liberty of calling them gatormen) and big guys that remind me of mummified Obelixes with their pants on fire:


It seems a shame to have so little variation with all the crazy freaks that Egyptian mythology can provide: you could have cobra's, sfinxes, mummies, scorpion men, anubites. Or flying enemies that look like birds with human heads. How's that not for creepy?


Those Egyptians man... Good grief.

The bigger enemies, the mini-bosses, suffer the most from this: they're just big skeletons and they also don't seem to have much detail. Compare this to the four or five different giants from Guardian of Light who were each unique and nicely animated.

Both of these complaints are relatively minor though, they didn't take much away from my enjoyment of the game, but I do feel the need to note that in both cases Guardian of Light got it right. Whereas Temple of Osiris takes three steps forward from Guardian, in the music, dialogue and big monster department, it takes two (small) steps backward.

It also would be nice if there was a way to hear Carters dialogue. Carter is probably the most illusive of the characters, since it requires at least three players to have him in. I doubt I will be able to hear all his dialogue 7 months from now when the servers do dead. That's a shame, seeing how Carters dialogue is excellent and funny.

Overall, I am very satisfied with Temple of Osiris: 9 out of 10. :thumb:

Next time, let's go for ancient Greece, alright? Teaming up with Atalanta, Chiron the centaur and another archeologist. Fighting minotaurs, cyclopses, chimera, hydra, scylla, medusa, you know you want that! :D