View Full Version : The Kingdom Hearts awakening Collection or #heartofdreams collection (4 Xbox One!!!)

16th Jul 2014, 03:44
Hey fellow Square Enix enthusiasts i know alot of you own a xbox platform so can you help support the growing movement in the xbox community and vote on xbox feedback to have the #khawakening collection come on the Xbox One. 4 those who dont know it will include both 1.5 and 2.5 remix plus a extra game ( go on the feedback page linked below to find out ) all 4 60 dollars. -Plus xbox fans would like a custom made Xbox One Edition that can be sold separately 4 a limited Time. So please support the movement Xbox fans love kingdom hearts and we would love to support the developers by giving them tons of money so they could use it 4 development for 3 but the only way we will do that if you give us the #khawakening collection. So please everyone help awaken our passion 4 JRPG over at Xbox by helping us get this because we have been in sleep 4 too long!!!!!!!!!!!