View Full Version : Again I say goodbye until the next patch. Whiney rant!!

7th Dec 2014, 20:36
Again I say goodbye until the next patch.

I cant be bothered playing a game that is so fundamentally broken that it is pointless playing it.
Matchmaking - Broke
Game Balance - Broke
Enjoyability - Broke

Why patch the game and not fix the fundamental issues in it?
You have the potential for a great game here I will love but the way it is atm I can't stand it!

7th Dec 2014, 23:21
None of that was a suggestion. I understand you frustration, but I assure you, they are indeed trying to fix/improve the game. Feel free to take a break, but this thread was not needed.

8th Dec 2014, 11:22
Common procedure for nosgoth...

Not sure if polite to say bye or attention whoring.

8th Dec 2014, 12:03
Sorry to hear you feel that way, but the updates we have been doing recently are to do this exactly, improve the game and in particular the matchmaking.

We are currently in Closed Beta (Early Access), I can understand it may be frustrating to run into issues, but it is part of the dev process that has to happen before we go into Open Beta and then full release. If you don't want to play during this time, that's unfortunate, but keep an eye on our channels for info about updates. The matchmaking overhaul is currently our focus.

I'm going to close this thread as I don't believe it'll be constructive, but definitely keep an eye on the forums, Twitter, and/or blog, as we share information about updates.