View Full Version : HUMANS Human wounded animation

7th Dec 2014, 19:00
Well, we all know that vamps have a 'wounded' animation so humans can focus fire a low hp vamp.
My suggestion is to make also an animation for humans so vamps can focus low hp humans too....i think it also balances the game a bit more which is especially need since the game is very human sided in high lvl lobbies

8th Dec 2014, 08:01
I've always wondered why the humans didn't have a wounded animation of some kind.

8th Dec 2014, 11:00
Something to do with needing to be able to fire without aim down sight? They still need to point their gun when not zoomed in, so maybe the devs haven't come up with an anim that doesn't interfere with that. The need to tween from cradling a sore arm would show down their reaction times slightly, but that could be a good thing if the humans are still more powerful than vampires although I have no idea what the balance is like in recent patches. It might also allow humans to have the same movement as vamps with the gamepad.

8th Dec 2014, 12:02
How about adding blood stains on skins when humans are on low health?

9th Dec 2014, 17:43
How about adding blood stains on skins when humans are on low health?
That would look just cheap. I've seen it done in other games before.

10th Dec 2014, 17:27
Human wounded animation

yes pls !!

10th Dec 2014, 18:51
Would love to see this as well.

I can see the animation stuff working out fine if its focused in the legs and back, slightly hunched over with a widened, disheveled stance.

11th Dec 2014, 06:02
Great idea, absolutely supporting this one. Pretty sure there can be a creative way to introduce this in-game without affecting the gameplay.

21st Dec 2014, 22:32
What about heavy breathing, borderline hyperventilating, along with correspinding body movements (example: left hand clinching their chest) when they are at a stand still and not focusing their aim?