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7th Dec 2014, 12:01
Final Fantasy VII - PlayStation Experience Trailer | PS4 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNJ1y9YUiLY)
- Final Fantasy VII is coming to PS4 in Spring 2015.

8th Dec 2014, 12:43
Wouldn't it be better to port the Playstation 1 version? I heard the PC version has horrible music.

I look at the comments and saw that lots and lots of fans want remake and not a port version. Is there any plans for Square Enix to remake Final Fantasy 7? I think they would make lots of money if they remake it with improved graphics and extra contents.

Also, in one of the news that Grimoire posted about the Japanese gamers survey; doesn't that shows that lots of gamers want remake of Final Fantasy 7? It was #1 on the lists for both male and female gamers. I think this shows that lots of gamers will buy the remake of Final Fantasy 7.

Please Square Enix, give gamers what they want and remake Final Fantasy 7. They has been asking for it for a long time.

8th Dec 2014, 13:16
Just filter the 2D backgrounds this time, just do it.

9th Dec 2014, 08:44
Hopefully this port will be available physically.

11th Dec 2014, 19:27
Will it have trophies I never played 7 because I didn't have original ps so if it has trophies im did down to buy it

12th Dec 2014, 23:00
Final Fantasy VII will be available on PS4 as a digital download (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2014/12/final-fantasy-vii-will-be-available-on-ps4-as-a-digital-download-priced-at-15-99/), priced at $15.99 (Nova Crystallis)
- Square Enix created quite a stir over the weekend when Final Fantasy series producer Shinji Hashimoto got on stage during the PlayStation Experience to announce that Final Fantasy VII would be making its way to PS4.
- Official website (http://www.jp.square-enix.com/ff7ps4/).

15th Dec 2014, 08:13
Why are you wasting out time with this BS? This is the exact same version that you just put out on steam. But it costs 4 dollars more... Why would anyone bother to rebuy this exact same game when its available on steam for cheaper? I still own the PSX version, the PC version, and even the PSN (should something ever happen to my physical disks). Fans want a remake not another cheap port that requires no effort what so ever on your part.

29th Jan 2015, 10:27
ive been playing the FF series since I was a kid...
but my favorite was and is Final Fantasy 7. I think most gamers are... and I wanna share your LEGACY to my kid.
so if you'd kindly do all gamers a favour... please do a REMAKE OF FINAL FANTASY 7.
I mean whats the point of making the game available on PS4 if it still has that kind of graphics...
we played that kind of graphics back on PS1, on the PCs... its PS4 we're talking about here... I know you get OUR (gamers) point.. so if you'd kindly reconsider. thanx.

27th Feb 2016, 10:06
Can you redeem Final Fantasy VII PSX on the PS4 because $15 is way too much for an old game and I already have the copy?

19th Mar 2016, 18:20
The whole cheats in the game made me decide not to buy it. I want to get stuck and be forced to grind, not turn on a godmode switch. Stupidest move ever, even worse than deciding FF13 needed a third ep.