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5th Dec 2014, 18:14
Hi! If you know what this stuff is, you probably want to tweak/get rid of it for Nosgoth.
If you don't know what it is, I'll try to explain:

Mouse smoothing:

...mouse smoothing is the interpolation of mouse raw input data and it was originally created for opto-mechanical mice. These mice didn't have a very high resolution (usually up to 400 DPI) so cursor movement appeared jerky - cursor jumped few pixels each time. To prevent this jerky movement mouse smoothing was introduced. System is interpolating raw data from the mouse and creating additional data points so the final mouse movement on the screen is smooth.
This feature should not exist today as every mouse on the market has at least 800 DPI resolution, however it is still used in some games and some mouse manufacturers are using it to further increase the perceived DPI. Unfortunately is not easily detectable apart from mouse movement feeling weird.
(Source: pcgamingwiki (http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Glossary:Mouse_acceleration#Mouse_smoothing))

Mouse sensitivity just refers to how fast or slow your cursor/aim moves across the screen. The higher the sensitivity, the faster it'll move. The lower the sensitivity, the slower it'll move. This is completely preference. I won't go into detail, but generally slower sensitivity is better for tracking, and higher sensitivity is better for twitch aiming - so finding that sweet spot is important.

How to remove Mouse Smoothing AND Fix your sensitivity for Nosgoth:

Navigate to your Nosgoth config folder, located in Documents\my games\Nosgoth\BCMPGame\Config

Open up BCMPUserProfile.ini with Notepad

Find the line that says "bMouseSmoothing=True" (Press ctrl+F and type that in if you're having troubles finding it) and change "True" to "False" so it reads "bMouseSmoothing=False"

Next, find the line that says "LookSensitivity=#" and make sure that # is 1. The line should say "LookSensitivity=1"

You may be thinking, "BUT RUHZEEL MY SENSITIVITIES" okay let me explain this one real quick, the slider in game is LOOK SENSITIVITY, this has NOTHING to do with MOUSE SENSITIVITY. Look Sensitivity will most DEFINITELY screw up everything if you do not change it back to the default number of 1. I will explain how to accurately fix your sensitivity to the way you want it in a bit. Just hang on tight and trust me, okay?

Save the notepad and close it.

Next, right click BCMPUserProfile.ini, and click Properties.

Check the "Read-Only" Box, click APPLY then OKAY to save this setting.

Now for accurately fixing your sensitivity, please open up BCMPInput.ini in notepad.
First, let's fix the mouse smoothing setting here. Find the line "bEnableMouseSmoothing=True" and change it to False, so it reads like this "bEnableMouseSmoothing=False"
Second, we will be editing the line that reads "MouseSensitivity=#". I can't remember the default number for this so I apologize but we will be editing this.
Now we need to calculate/find your sensitivity that works for you. This might take a while if you do not know it, but if you do, or have the correct sensitivity set up in another game (such as CS:GO), please skip to step 15.
I again put emphasis that if you did NOT change the LookSensitivity back to 1, these steps will screw up your aiming.
Like I said before, you want to find that sweet spot in sensitivity that is YOUR playstyle, my sens will more than likely not work for you, same as if you were to copy someone like Bitey's sens or Talespin's, etc. We all have different mouse sensitivities. This is for YOU to play around with and experiment. I cannot recommend a number for you, as you will have a separate mouse DPI then I do. If you think your mouse sensitivity is too high, I recommend halving it. The way to figure out how to do this, you'll need a measuring tape/ruler. Load up Nosgoth, look at a point, put the start of your measuring device where your mouse is,move your mouse ONE WAY in a 360° motion until you reach that point again, and now measure how far you moved your mouse! For instance, if you started your mouse at 1 inch, did the 360°, and your mouse ended up at 4.5 inches, that is your "inches to 360°".
If you think your sensitivity is too high, start by multiplying that number you just measured by 2 (which is going to half your sensitivity) and, go here http://www.mouse-sensitivity.com/distance.html and for game put "Nosgoth", put your DPI in, and in Distance but that number you just multiplied. This will be a good starting point, and you can fine tune it from there. (Example: I measured 4.5, 4.5x2=9inches, so I will put 9 inches into the Distance box.)
Under calculations, there will be a number that says "MouseSensitivty=#" if you did it right, take that number and plug it back into your BCMPInput.ini file. Congrats! Please skip to step 16!
If you just calculated your sensitivity, SKIP THIS PART, if you already knew your sensitivity from a different game, you're in the right place. Simply use this calculator http://www.mouse-sensitivity.com/ and fill out all the correct information. I don't know where to find your sensitivity in all these games, so please Google it if you don't know where it is. If you know your inches to 360°, please use this calculator http://www.mouse-sensitivity.com/distance.html - Whatever number you get from either of these calculators, plug it back into the "MouseSensitivity="line in your BCMPInput.ini.
Now that we have your mouse sensitivity all figured out, please save that document. You can choose to set it to Read Only or not, that is up to you, but I recommend keeping that number somewhere safe incase a patch rewrites it.
Close all your windows and go try that new sensitivity out! Wooo! It will take time to get used to if you just calculate it, but you need to give it more than a match or two. Just keep working at it!

Congratulations on your brand new (or already existing) sensitivity! Go kick some butt!

7th Dec 2014, 22:19
Nice work!! Thanks!
So great!

27th Jan 2015, 01:57
Bump for awareness.

27th Jan 2015, 08:11
This launch options hav no effect?


This might be good for some ppl too:

28th Jan 2015, 16:19
This launch options hav no effect?


I have no idea, they may or may not, but it doesn't fix your sensitivity regardless.

30th Jan 2015, 17:36
What I don't understand is why modern game developers refuse to give us an integer sensitivity setting below the useless bar. The bar is so useless I'm saying it twice. That and an on/off for accel and raw input are musts.

22nd Feb 2015, 20:00
Setting the files to read-only is no longer needed.

6th Mar 2015, 02:40
Bumping for awareness~.

24th Mar 2015, 08:27
Never enough awareness. Why isn't looksensitivity a fixed value of 1 internally with no config setting anyway.

22nd Apr 2015, 04:46
Okay step 12 is confusing. When you say look at a point and move the mouse in a 360 degree motion until you reach that point again, isn't that just moving the mouse pointer in a circle? And if so, aren't there literally millions of circles I could make just using one point?

22nd Apr 2015, 05:10
By 360 degrees she means moving your mouse directly right/left until your character has turned full circle, not moving your mouse in a circle itself.

22nd Apr 2015, 05:12
By 360 degrees she means moving your mouse directly right/left until your character has turned full circle, not moving your mouse in a circle itself.Yeah, thx. I've never done this before, so I didn't actually get in the game and view this from my character's perspective...I just loaded up Nosgoth and moved my mouse in a circle and thought to myself this isn't working...lol.

3rd Oct 2015, 14:23
How exactly do you "finetune" it? I get a inches to 360 of 5 and input that into DPI, then 5 into Distance and it keeps telling me my new recommended DPI but i cant exactly change my DPI right?

26th Jan 2016, 04:03
I always knew something is terribly wrong with Nosgoth sensitivity. Why this bs isn't fixed yet ? Fix mouse lines in .ini and settings with this atrocious bar.
MouseSensitivity=# works and its real sensitivity, not LookSensitivity=#