View Full Version : Balance: Charge Attack, Abduct, Infect

4th Dec 2014, 23:21
First off: Charge attack and Marathon are too powerful. Reason? When a tyrant charge, he still has perfect handling and can easily charge around in curves with more than 90°.
Change: When charges, the handling gets worse, only curves of like 30° possible.
Next. When charged, can't be stunned/staggered. It's too powerful that a tyrant can't being bola'd or being staggered by a war bow.
Next. The area. If you dodge and you're more than 2-3 meters away, the charge still hits you.
Abduct: Same as for charge: You can't really dodge the attack.

5th Dec 2014, 00:07
Charge is so far from needing a nerf it's silly. Charge is very easy to dodge, with a fairly large window where you can roll out the way and the Tyrant won't be able to correct in time. You can also use geometry such as dancing around poles or trees, or walking off a ledge.
The Area of effect is greatly exaggerated, and there is only a little bit of space which can be explained as the Tyrant's Telekinetic shield that he uses in front of him.
The stun/stagger immunity is needed, otherwise the Tyrant would be extremely weak and would never each nor hit a target, ever.
Abduct is the same as above, it can be dodged, but too early and the Sentinel can correct, too late and you won't be far enough away in time. Using geometry again works well.