View Full Version : Control aspects of recent nerfs reduce fun

3rd Dec 2014, 23:00
In the somewhat recent past at least three abilities received major nerfs. The three abilities in question are: hunter whip, hunter grenade, and sentinel divebomb.

I do not disagree with the fact that these abilities were nerfed. I think that their nerfs were definitely justified. However, I disagree with the primary way in which the nerfing was carried out.

Hunter whip and grenade both received significant increases to their animation times. This means when you use these abilities you temporarily lose control of your character and watch an animation. This creates an exaggerated impression of loss of character control, which is rather frustrating in a competitive PvP game. The exact subtle psychological reasons aside, the net result is that these abilities are no longer fun to play with, or at the least, much less fun than they once were. This is independent of how 'good' the abilities are, even if they did tons of damage, they would still not be as fun to use as other skills due to this.

Sentinel divebomb received a significant decrease to its mobility in the sense of being able to steer once you have activated the ability. You usually do not want to use divebomb at point blank range since there is a moment where you top in mid air before launching yourself, meaning if you pop the ability at close range you take a ton of damage. The natural thing to do is to use the ability from farther away. However the significant decrease in the ability to steer the ability means that, unless the player is standing still (almost always a bad idea), it is extremely difficult to land a hit with the ability. Depending on your distance from the player you have to predict the direction they will move ahead of time (because of the nerf), and preemptively steer yourself to that location. This means that even if the player has no idea you are launching yourself at them, if they suddenly choose to take a left turn where you guessed they would head straight, you miss. This, as well as for similar reasons to the hunter skills previously mentioned, means that the ability is no longer fun to play with.

It is a shame that these three abilities which were once so much fun to play with are now some of the least fun abilities to ever have to use. Please consider reverting the control aspects of the nerfs and instead nerfing them in some other way, such as: larger damage nerfs, longer cooldowns, shorter range, etc...

Thank you for your time and have a great day.