View Full Version : AUDIO/MUSIC Sound effects in new vampire territories

3rd Dec 2014, 12:14
I was listening to the SR1 sound track recently and I was thinking about how much they contributed to the atmosphere of the game. If a territory is added for Zephon, it needs to have that creepy cackle ("kakaka") sound and crawling sounds in the background. If one is added for Melchiah, it should have the the Necropolis's dust and rattling bones sounds in somewhere. It's appropriate either the Necropolis or Laderic's place in the desert. I can't remember if and track was released for Turel's territory, but it would be good to use some effects based on that too if any can be found.

I think the involvement of sound effects as part of the sound track is something that SR1 did really well and Nosgoth hasn't quite picked up on yet.

Just to clarify, I'm not referring to the same songs, just the effects. Nosgoth has mostly used instrumentals from what I can tell.

3rd Dec 2014, 13:36
The soundefects cant be too "standout". As we all know listening gives a lot of information when playing, wouldnt want to dodgeroll out of a building coz that soundefect was just too damn misleading :D

But overall i think you have a good idea there.