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3rd Dec 2014, 10:08
I played and beat the game awhile ago, but I wanted to allow enough time inbetween before picking up the director's cut to play.

I enjoyed all the commentary. I thought Missing Link overall was a good addition to the game, though I was irked to have all my abilities removed for it, especially when this was really the last big mission to have a lot going on in it.

The 2nd to last mission where you find the scientists is ok, but just very small and not much there. And the way it ends, where they have a room full of baddies.. and the commentary is to the effect of letting Malik or the scientists save you? I mean, really? Why do you need saving? No. Just no. Or at least give an option (so if you feel like it or not).

I love what they did with the augmentations in the game, how they reinvented that... and there is so much to love in this game, but it ends on such a down note. If I wanted to play a zombie game, I'd go play one of the dozens of zombie games out there, but this is a Deus Ex game. You spend all this time creating such a beautiful looking map, only to have no enemies until you get to the tower? Nothing? That isn't tension, that's frustration. Deus Ex is not a horror game. I want enemies defending that base, so I can break in. And then the enemies were all the same and all they could do was swarm you with melee attacks?

That last level was such a wasted opportunity (and I would think you would want a player to leave the game with the best possible impression). It should have been set up to allow a player just to play with your abilities and go wild. Have fun with it. If you look at the final mission in Deus Ex, Area 51, and that is what you had. You had areas that let you use all the various augs and skills. You had that one area with so many levels and places to jump to. More recently, Dishonored had a great final level experience. Very open level, with lots of possibilities just to play around.

And while I didn't mind the endings themselves for HR, I did mind how spoonfed they were to you. In Deus Ex, the endings all required different things and you had to go out and do those things. In HR, it just felt like lazy design and the commentary makes it seem like they only considered multiple endings after it was too late to make any significant changes to the final level.

That final level keeps this game from being great. It is still a good game with a lot of awesomness in the mix, including very picturesque visuals, augs, conversation, the variety of characters, the development of Adam and the story, the ability to save Malik or not (very much akin to the choice to save Paul or not in the original game) and all the references to the original game, set up as back references leading up to it. I really hope they do more of those conversation/convincing/dialogues in the next installment. Oh, and I loved the hacking. I pretty much hacked most of anything that could be hacked in the game. But then, I have always loved the hacking in these games and HR brought that across brilliantly.

Anyway, that was my impression and I can't wait for the next one supposedly in development. It already feels like they learned so much from doing HR, that it can only lead to something potentially as good (hopefully minus the bad) or better in the future.

(Now, if I could only get a remake of Deus Ex with newer graphics, maybe even with a couple areas expanded. What if you could choose to stay with Unatco, which led you through a different path to get to Area 51? Or what if you played as Paul, instead, and followed his journey? There was that one really awesome mod that did that... but it might be cool just to start the game from when Paul is first getting started)...

5th Dec 2014, 00:10
What if you could choose to stay with Unatco, which led you through a different path to get to Area 51?[/B]

Ion Storm was going to do this if there was more time. Unused lines exist that suggest the player could've chosen to stay with UNATCO instead of automatically allying with the NSF. It would've added a completely new dimension to the game if they went through with it.

See the unused lines here... (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cEg5Xo7VFU)

8th Dec 2014, 04:59
Adrian, that's awesome. Thank you for sharing that. If only there had been more time!

8th Dec 2014, 06:24
One more thing:

You say:
I love what they did with the augmentations in the game, how they reinvented that...

EM didn't reinvent how the augmentations worked. If anything, they made it more primitive. The mutually exclusive augmentations that gave the player a sense of choice were ditched in favor of a rudimentary skill tree that could be effectively maxed half-way through the game. I say "effectively maxed" because the only skills (or augs...which one is which?!?) of use were the ones related to the official way of playing the game...i.e. stealth. Tying exploration bonuses, kill/incapacitate bonuses (which horribly skew the game balance), and "silver tongue" bonuses with the primary gameplay mechanic goes against the fundamental tenant of DX's choice gameplay. Unfortunately, you aren't the first to use the words "reinvented"...I remember in a presentation given by EM at GDC (I think...?) some designers said they reinvented (or something similar) the clunkly augmenations and skills in DX.