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2nd Dec 2014, 19:54
It would be nice to have a few things, which i find very important in this game.

1. Enemy team portraits on your screen. The same way you have teammates portraits on your left, they could be located on your right. I found constantly switching to scoreboard monitoring enemy team health really annoying.
2. Extra info inside portrait box. Respawn timer and probably indicator which will show you if person would spawn on you or far away from you. Maybe direction arrows, showing you where your teammate is.
3. I would like to see more info inside health bar. For example "fade away" feature. When person takes damage over time, it would show you how many hp will left.
Separate stripe markers that divide hp bar into different sections. Depending on class it will show you if you can kill person in a single skill or shot, or probably a melee hit. It will give you an idea of how much damage you must inflict to kill this guy. If not, flatout raw number will do.
4. Minimap health pickups indicators for both human and vampires. For vampires icon and timer which will show how much time is left. For humans again timer showing when you can use station once again.
5. Chat obviously. I mean, at least add scroll feature. Spam messages are annoying. All the join and leave, change name stuff could use separate chat window. Still cant chat in between 1-2 rounds and at the end of match.
6. Ability to disable some popups. XP, tips in the bottom of the screen.
7. Killfeed need some love. Would be cool if it actually show you the source of kills.
8. For the love of god add the ability to change loadout even if you hide the death screen.

2nd Dec 2014, 20:26
I'll agree with a few of these.

1. Enemy portrait boxes would be good to see who's left alive on either team, but it also keeps everyone on their toes without it.
2. Minimap could be revamped, it seems pretty useless to me right now. I literally never use it.
3. Changing a loadout after hiding the death screen would be pretty great. maybe make a new button for it?

just a few thoughts.

2nd Dec 2014, 20:34
I agree with most i find tabbing a bit tedious as well, but i could see it being like this for a reason AKA "easy information".

1.Voice icon
The few times someone actually speak in game with voice chat i would like to know where he is with some icon or whatever.
In a scenario like "I got food" It would be helpful to know where he is (because you can't see someone dragging a body).

2.Have Voice function disabled when you type something in the chat.

3.Swap minimap position (left/right) etc, i'd much rather have it on the left (But i rarely use it anyway)
Maby a zoom out function as well?

2nd Dec 2014, 22:12
Being able to see teammates' equipped abilities would help the team coordinate better.