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2nd Dec 2014, 18:36
Last week there a was bug that caused the deceiver to lose the capability of become invisible at the start of the disguise ability, you would just transition into the human masquerade portion of the ability. This bug has since been corrected and it is working properly now; but this revealed something about the deceiver, something of an issue.

Most of us rely almost completely on the invisibility because most players can see through the masquerade; and so, without invisibility a lot of us simply stopped using the deceiver class altogether.

Not a lot of us use the alternative to disguise (dominate mind) because we either aren't good with it or don't enjoy using it because it relies very heavily on teamwork; and the devs have said they intend to revamp dominate mind at some point, when the more pressing and priority content is finished. For now I think it'd be good to brainstorm some more alternatives to disguise and dominate mind for when they can start working on it.

We could also do other variations of Disguise as well.
*Version that is just the invisibility, longer in duration with possibly more sounds ques to keep it from being too op.
*Version that has a more convincing masquerade, with sprint.

On a side note, I'd like to suggest that the green aura the humans see during the masquerade was not visible through walls and other obstructions; but still visible when you are seen directly. Currently, it just tells them where you are, as well as giving them more time to assess which one is the deciever.

2nd Dec 2014, 19:36
I'm going to disagree with your first couple statements.

The disguise component of disguise actually is useful, if you don't get seen materializing, and if the human team is committed to an area. The easiest way to do this is to go invisible above humans, fall behind them then disguise. They won't be able to immediately spot you regardless of how l33t they think they are, which does give you enough time to bail if needed. Once you're in and the team is inattentive, then you can lurk until an engage comes in, meaning you will almost always be in position.

The reason I don't typically use dominate mind is that it leaves you too open in most cases, not because it relies on team work. Dominating is actually handy for soloing a human, as you've now relocated them to somewhere of your choosing, and have a 250 hp lead ideally. I will admit that the FoV checking seems to be a bit low, and seems to check with his midsection more than his head, which could stand to be adjusted, which contributes to issues pulling this skill off.

As far as alternatives go, I wouldn't mind seeing a form of mass hallucinate, where a copy of yourself and each teammate materialize and fall from above, that attack but deal no damage, and shots and skills pass through them unaffected, essentially combining smoke bomb's vision and attention disruption with illusions ability to waste skills and ammo.

While I see the value of using different variations of the same skill, I do find that serves to stagnate the class in some regards, the best example is reavers before Sweep kick, and would personally like to see a whole new skill, or if a variant is introduced, has sweeping changes like the difference between leap attack and pounce.