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29th Nov 2014, 12:09
Hi! My friend told me lots about FFXIV, stating it's the best MMO around. I am tired of GW2 and WoW, and looking for a new MMO to waste... I mean, spend my time with, but there are many things I don't yet know about A Realm Reborn. If you could answer my questions of all sort, I'd be thankful :).

1. How demanding the game is graphically? ATM my laptop is broke, so I'll be buying a new machine. Since I am not particulary rich, it won't be a great one - I'll spend between 700-800 american dollars on it. Do you think it's enough to enjoy the game in its fullest, or should I rather collect more cash?

2. How time consuming the game is? Yes, I know, we're talking about an MMO, but still - is it very grindy? Will it remind me of old Lineage 2 (ye gods, that game...), where I was supposed to spend days in one place, slaughtering one, two mobs to farm bazillion somethingcrystals? Or is it more like WoW, where you do some farming but you get your stuff relatively fast? Is every in-game item crap expensive, or are mounts, houses and other stuff's cost manageable?

3. How hard the game is? I heard good things about FFXIV's difficulty level. It is supposed to be easy in the beginning, with a soft learning curve, getting progressively harder as you level up. Is that so?

4. How important being social is? Or, in other words - how much do you miss if you aren't in a heavily PvE/PvP Company? I plan on doing lots of role playing, but I also like my PvE. In WoW, the two would very often collide. I wonder how good/bad is it in FFXIV? Is a hardcore raiding Company neccessary if you want to do some end-game content? Or can I get at least a good bite of it without selling my soul to the Raid God?

5. Speaking of role playing, which is the best server for that? I've heard it is Balmung, but perhaps there's an European one with a solid RP base as well? And if there aren't, how many EU players are there on Balmung?

6. How easy/hard it is to make a working character build? Should I read through multiple guides, being careful which skills I buy and which stats I raise, or is it more of a WoW-like, does-itself system?

That's that, at least for now. I'm sure I'll come up with more questions as time will pass. See you, hopefully in Eorza ^^.

30th Nov 2014, 22:18
1. What are the minimum system requirements (http://support.na.square-enix.com/faqarticle.php?id=5382&la=1&kid=67229) for the Windows version?

2. That depends on your gaming style. I have played the game for almost a year, but I still haven't completed the main storyline (most gamers finish it in one to two months, at most).

3. That is correct.

4. You can play the entire game solo (with the exception of some dungeon that you are required to beat if you want to clear the main story) and still enjoy it. Join a friendly server such as Faerie and you will easily find helpful and powerful allies to explore the end-game content with.

5. Your friend should most likely know more about this than I - however, I rarely ever meet anyone who is not "in-character".

6. It is quite simple, actually. Focus on spending any attribute points you receive on developing the most important stat for your job or class of choice (intelligence for Summoner and mind for Scholar, for example). Other than that, just enjoy the game and look at guides only when you feel it necessary or you find yourself in a bind.