View Full Version : Hacking Issues

29th Nov 2014, 05:23
I'm running around the city, after augmenting to 2nd level Hacking, and I cannot hack into anything. The main issue seems to be that I cannot access the entire system map that I'm trying to Hack. I can enlarge and shrink the map but even after adjusting it as much as possible, part of the map is "off the edge" of the computer screen.

I don't have any other "screen" issues; this only happens when I'm trying to hack into something.

I also tried to Hack a Level 1 device twice and could not do it. I could hardly come close! I'm not sure why (there was no map issue when I tried this one).

I found the "Nuke" software and the "Worm" software (that supposedly slows down detection for 5 seconds), however they have disappeared from my inventory (the options show when I try to Hack something but I cannot choose them)!

I appreciate any suggestions.