View Full Version : We LOVE playing Nosgoth!

28th Nov 2014, 23:11
As a developer you often get to hear all about the things that are going wrong and not working. I just wanted to take a moment to say that you've created something really special here and there's a whole community of people who love playing it! Some of us have spent hundreds of hours playing it and are looking forward to playing for hundreds more and we all desperately want you to succeed massively.

Everyone one at Psyonix: you're making something great here - thank-you and keep it up!

29th Nov 2014, 04:23
Good post :)

I'm a big supporter of the game myself and always feel sad when I see either strictly positive reactions or strictly negative ones when something goes wrong. As frustrating as it gets sometimes, the game is in development and while it might not be on the smoothest path - it will eventually lead to a great finished product. Really looking forward to watching how this game continues to develop and hope it turns out really successful.

29th Nov 2014, 11:49
+1 :-)

1st Dec 2014, 18:29
Thanks :)