View Full Version : Nosgoth - Class Warfare video: Alchemist

28th Nov 2014, 21:14
It's time for another episode of our ongoing video series, Nosgoth Class Warfare!

This video series serves as both a primer for new players and a refresher for veterans as we explore the many characters of Nosgoth. Like all of our spotlights, this edition of Class Warfare includes an overview of the selected character in addition to a breakdown of their Weapons, Special, Primary, and Secondary Abilities, and a few helpful strategies.

In this new episode, we shine a spotlight on the Red Sisters of Anacrothe, the Alchemist. This female-only sect of cultists has a thirst for explosions, wielding both arcane chemical concoctions, and devastating hand cannons. The Alchemists wage war with a single-minded purpose – the immolation of their former captors down to the last Vampire in Nosgoth.

For their complete story and abilities, check out the video below.