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28th Nov 2014, 18:16
Hello people of Nosgoth :wave: i will get straight to the point :)

Do you guys remember when the Tyrant was able to jump more times without make the cooldown started just for touching the ground at the highest point of the jump ? :whistle:

Do you Tyrant's users remember how sad or shocked or :mad2: you were when they actually patched this "bug" and maked our lovely big guy more less capable to move than usual ? :hmm:

Well i thought about a simple solution that i think will make we few Tyrant's user happy and our beloved developers less stressed about the balance of the game :D

so i really hope they will read this thread :worship:

So the solution is the following one:

Instead of reset the entire cooldown (12 seconds) when you reach the highest point of the jump and touch the ground,

make it started from 6 seconds (halving the cooldown)

like when you release the Charge or the Marathon Skill before it expire completely.

Let me know if you Tyrant's users are good with this solution :naughty: because i think its better then waiting :zzZ: 12 seconds on the top of a house or the main tower of the map xD

28th Nov 2014, 23:47
I can get behind this, unless the devs want to revert back to how it was. I don't think it gave the Tyrant too much of an advantage, and it was alot of fun to leap from building to building. I can understand if they want to restrict the Tyrant's mobility though, just to make things more evenly balanced.

29th Nov 2014, 00:25
Tyrant needs more jump rrrrrraaaaaahhhhhh :thumb: :D

29th Nov 2014, 06:55
well in my opinion i dont think that i'm asking too much, it's a middle way to solve that "adjustment" they made in the past...since that patch when i'm using the Tyrant i'm stick to the Marathon or Charge Skill...