View Full Version : Just some things that might help

27th Nov 2014, 19:37
Haya all i was wondering if there are plans for 2 v 2 and 3v3 this game i love it but i cant stand logging in at night and waiting 15 mins at a time for a game to finally get there and half the players rage quit , i understand this is beta and before you point that out understand beta testing cant move along if you can never get a game , reduce team size reduces waiting time , maybe even add a vote button so when you have 2 vs2 or 3v3 in the lobby you can vote to go

And secondly is rage quitters , might be time to bring in some sort of penalty for this behavior , and if you dont agree with that then stop rage quitting :)

28th Nov 2014, 01:41
Personally I don't quit matches because I'm raging, I quit then because I'm not having fun. My time is too valuable to me to spend 20 minutes not having fun. So make me enjoy playing every match and I'll never quit again. Or instead you could try to force me to spend 20 minutes being miserable with punishments...

I agree that it might be good to force matches to start before the lobby is full. So many people leave during the countdown anyway. I'm finding the quickest way to get a match is to keep searching, rather than sitting in a lobby.