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27th Nov 2014, 17:33
Since I can't play right now, I thought I go figure out, why my Noscam doesn't accept keybindings and - well - the answer was as easy as can be:

Since the devs didn't give us any other way to turn of the goddamn mouse smoothing, I changed the config file and made it non-overwritable, so the Game wouldn't constantly turn this demon spawn of a setting back on.

Experimenting with the Noscam a bit and seeing Chr!zor's first attempts at casting, there are some things I noticed:

Toggling the HUD doesn't do what I think it should.
I think of HUD as the player names over their heads, health bars and, most importantly, the SCORE indicator and the kill confirm-slide at the right top side.
This is vital information for both a successful casting and watching experience - and currently all that the HUD function does is turning off the Noscam tooltips, which I think, should be turned off alltogether (or maybe be enabled/disables by a checkmark in the settings menu)

Additionally, I noticed that if you right click (default key) it keeps the recording running, but fixates your camera. When you toggle off the HUD at that point, you will not be able to move or alter the camera again, until you re-enable the HUD and right click again to get rid of the Noscam Menu.

Further, I'd love to be able to customize my view of the battlefield by adding (and maybe even positioning) certain information on the screen, such as:

- Health bars of each player/one team
- Cooldowns of single players'/all players' abilities (Free camera shows all in a very small font somewhere on the screen, while following someone shows a similar HUD as if you are playing)
- Being able to highlight all Players (maybe colorcoded by team)
- Bringing up the Score-Screen (TAB when playing) to see the individual scores, KDR, classes and other information.

Also, being able to name your Noscam files from within the game would be great, as well as a more robust system, where only substantially altered builds of the game will not be able to run older Noscam files.

25th Jan 2015, 10:29
Per request, we should've posted a wishlist for Noscam features to give to the SE team.
Well, since I already made one I'll give this a bump.

Additional ideas I have had since:
- Customizable position and size of HUD elements á l* Guild Wars (1).
- Being able to zoom further in or out while fixed in 3rd person view on a player.
- A 3rd view mode, in which you do not only follow the player, but can't control the camera and only see everything that the player saw (including toggleable HUD)

The last option will make cheat detection even easier and make analyzing of footage even better.