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27th Nov 2014, 01:13
New game to pass the time! Tell us what this new place reminds you of!


This place feels like.......A hot and sun-basked campsite, at 11am, when, hungover, you realise the beautiful lake you went skinny dipping in a fenzy the night you arrived is actually a mosquito-infested pond infected by E. coli, and the girl you made out with by the campfire turns out to be 14, and possibly a boy.

This place feels like....... A club, at 3am, when they turn on the bright lights to kick you out, and you find out what the joint and the people really look like. And poodles on the floor turn out to be something else than spilled beer after all.

This place feels like.....The ending of a bad film, where the screen suddenly turns to white, and, waking up in a psych ward, you realise it was all a dream. Or was it?

27th Nov 2014, 04:54
This place is a wasteland. Barren and shapeless. Stalked by the hollow wraiths of Titi monkeys. I frantically disrobe every time I visit, to allow the chromatic inversion to seep into my hide and infest me anew. Deep down, I want it. In that part of man that is wrong. It celebrates in me, and I in it. Together, we shall do wonderful, gross things... as the nations weep.

27th Nov 2014, 06:17

alternative endings:

29th Nov 2014, 06:43
Or how about this:

"The year is 2014..."

29th Nov 2014, 21:32
This place feels like....


... somewhere very familiar. ;)

30th Nov 2014, 06:14
It's been so long since I've seen The Matrix, I completely forgot about the white loading zones!

Speaking of, caught a bit of Johnny Mnemonic this week. That's one movie that could be completely remade. Felt like a cheap Blade Runner knock off, with a lot of good intentions behind it.

30th Nov 2014, 18:57
Whiter than white...


.... serious stuff. :D