View Full Version : MISC. Party System Suggestion

27th Nov 2014, 00:49
I'm liking where the new party system is headed in terms of balancing, however it would be nice for some sort of "locked" party system (the ability to be in a party and not have it get split up) to be implemented either by;

- A new "sub-match" category (a category within the " Team Deathmatch" match for example) that is specifically geared towards party matches, although this could greatly damage the variety of game match types that people play as the player base across all of the different match systems might become very one sided where people only play one type of match and leave little for the others, as seems to be the case for the "New Recruit" and "Siege" matches where no one plays them and people mainly play "Team Deathmatch".

- Give the host the option to lock a party that they have just created so that it doesn't get split, or us this locking feature but make it individual to the player and leave it for the player to decide on whether they wish to be locked to that party or not (this could be done with a simple toggle button of some kind, but I'll leave it up to you guys).

The reason as to why I mention this is because this ability to lock players together in a party would really come in handy when either doing a friendly online match between two parties for example, or training for the ESL or other e-sports tournament.

If anyone else has any suggestions, and/or improvements to this one, feel free to add it/them below.

29th Nov 2014, 00:41
Honestly anything would suffice for me. I've gotten so tired of having my party split that I now leave whenever it splits us. I rarely play alone and am more team oriented so when I hop on I plan to play WITH my friends, not AGAINST them.