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26th Nov 2014, 00:31
Hello guys, im new at the game and a loved it ! but i found something kinda unbalanced, ok when you start the game you can play as a "new Recruit" to learn how to play and about the classes, mmmk but after that (im rank 13 atm) the game just make me play against lvl 40 players, they're alot better than new players like me, its not something you can call "fair" i think the Nosgoth Dev's team could created some "Free Level Match" and another rank group filter, something like "level 10 to 20 or to 25" i really love the game, and that's just an idea thanks.:)

26th Nov 2014, 05:01
They are testing a new matchmaker that is meant to help with this; but I believe they have said that more level tiers would come along once the population gets big enough for them to be fully utilized, maybe during open beta.

26th Nov 2014, 17:14
It's also worth noting that "level 40" isn't a measure of skill. And even with a "lvl 40" game time, there's a major difference between the lvl 40's who have played since Alpha/early Beta and those who have only been level 40 for a month or so (With 2-3 months to work up to it). Honestly, I wouldn't read too far into the stats.

26th Nov 2014, 20:53
mmk Thanks for the Info Gen.

Sorry CM i can't agree with you, people with more rank have a lot more experience, and much more hours of gameplay and tatics than new players, so its like to put a rabbit with a Velociraptor in a Cage, that's not fair.

thanks guys for answering and showing different opinions and posting some info.

26th Nov 2014, 21:01
I understand that. But at lvl 40 the gap is just as prevalent, if not worse because its hidden.