View Full Version : MISC. Points for rescues:

25th Nov 2014, 15:08
I was just talking in another thread about ways to reward teamwork rather than singling out weak players and I remembered an idea I had about rescues.

If a teammate is low on health and has been recently attached by an enemy and you shoot the enemy within (for example) two seconds, you get a bonus for rescuing the teammate. Perhaps the teammate's green highlight could turn red or yellow when it's possible to do that.

The low health requirement would keep this from encouraging kill steals because at this point, the teammate would be most likely to be killed before they get the kill themselves.

Maybe it wouldn't work the way I think it would, but I just wanted to put the idea out there.

26th Nov 2014, 17:15
I like the idea. :) Pounces, abnaps, and dominate mind some to my head for this.