View Full Version : MISC. Problems with TPS component - camera position + some suggests

24th Nov 2014, 14:21
It's been a long time i saw thread about camera position.
This game has unlucky (for newbies) camera position, so your character blocks (depends of FOV) from 35-20 % of view + when vamp is here and dodging 'round you like it's hot, you cant react more competently (for example, when you play games from fps, you can't see what goes behind you, but aim of your weapon is connected with you center and there's 5%-0% of screen blocked so you know that the line of weapon goes FROM you, not from distantly - my second suggestion)
1. Transparent body (so you can see sh .. meat sack and sucker from that perspective)
2. Some kind of player-turn-based camera (when you turn to left camera slightly moves to left side and inverted(turn of the camera depends on the rotation of the sight - the further you turn the sight- the further turn on the camera) that would assist in aiming on very fast targets.->

P.S. At least I did something with English (not my native). But I think that I conveyed dat idea here.
P.S.S. If you experience fps issues and have Realtek HD - turn it off from task manager. And you'll have at least more fps to play Nosgoth
P.S.S.S. Sry for url. Hate this kind of forums. So if someone manages to load image on forum, I would accept it.