View Full Version : Blinding shot bug

24th Nov 2014, 05:55
Hi, today i was trying blinding shot for first time and was surprised with something.

Apparently when you shot from the distance, it works exactly like the regular shot with addition of the blind effect. But if you shoot a vampire closely, like in close melee, only one explosion occurs and the blind effect lasts a lot less.
I was testing in private with a friend, and does not look like this was the effect intended. More like a bug. (explosive shot makes 3 explosions even in same close range)

Give him an eye, looks like a nice skill if the effect works in close range, but how it is now, is practically useless.

26th Nov 2014, 19:36
I think its a bug too, but what if it interrupts vamp-skills, then it would be ok, if you get hit by it, you get interrupted too.

But I have no clue if it interrupts skills.:scratch:

5th Dec 2014, 10:35
So Wolf and me did some testing^^

The normal Blinding Shot blinds for 2 seconds... but if u get hit bei the bugged single shot u are just blinded for 1 second...

Knowing that I am pretty sure that it is indeed a bug which needs to be fixed^^

5th Dec 2014, 11:02
But I have no clue if it interrupts skills.:scratch:

Yes, it interrupt Sweeping Kicks.