View Full Version : TYRANT Charge/Marathon

22nd Nov 2014, 07:03
I'd like to see a "charge meter" circle (Like Kidnap has), to show how much time is left before you stop Charging. It would make keeping track of how much distance you have left in your Marathons a lot easier and, to a lesser extent, Charge as well.

22nd Nov 2014, 07:21
Sounds like a decent idea, and I don't think it'll even clutter up the screen too much.

As a separate point - how far can it be taken though? We could practically have the same thing applied to all abilities that have a counter - Disguise, Ignore Pain, Evasion - to name a few. While I'm used to and like working with those abilities by "feel" and immersing in the game by having less things on the screen in front of my character, this can definitely be a helpful thing for a lot of players. It might be even implemented as an optional setting, if anything.

22nd Nov 2014, 18:22
For a Charge meter, check the actually ability if you notice it decreases and shows you how much time you have left in the charge or Marathon, it's not perfect but it's something you can use and does not clutter up anymore of the screen

23rd Nov 2014, 00:01
Never thought to check the icon while in use. However I don't see the circle causing screen clutter, considering the camera is pulled in quite a bit while charging.

23rd Nov 2014, 18:22
Hijacking the thread a bit, you can actually charge/marathon a target twice and get a super punt.
http://webmup.com/87ilw/ (From above)