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11th Jul 2014, 19:01
Added to the forums in case you missed the blog version (http://www.nosgoth.com/blog/step-by-step-how-to-use-nosgoth-twitch-integration).

Now that Twitch (http://www.twitch.tv) functionality has been made available in Nosgoth as of July 10, 2014, we wanted to provide you all with a step-by-step walkthrough of how to use it.

STEP 1 - Launch Nosgoth and click the "Options" icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

http://www.nosgoth.com/system/rich/rich_files/rich_files/000/000/228/blog/twitchnosgoth-image1.png (http://www.nosgoth.com/blog_image/228/blog_large)

STEP 2 - Click on the "Twitch" tab on the left side of the "Options" menu to access your control screen.

http://www.nosgoth.com/system/rich/rich_files/rich_files/000/000/227/blog/twitchnosgoth-image2.png (http://www.nosgoth.com/blog_image/227/blog_large)

STEP 3 - Sign in with your "Twitch Login" and "Password" (note: you must first have created an account on Twitch.tv (http://www.twitch.tv)).

http://www.nosgoth.com/system/rich/rich_files/rich_files/000/000/226/blog/twitchnosgoth-image3.png (http://www.nosgoth.com/blog_image/226/blog_large)

STEP 4 - Adjust any options you would like before starting the broadcast, including Web Cam, Microphone settings, and more. Don't forget to scroll down to reveal additional options besides those that appear by default.

http://www.nosgoth.com/system/rich/rich_files/rich_files/000/000/229/blog/twitchnosgoth-image4.png (http://www.nosgoth.com/blog_image/229/blog_large)

STEP 5 - When you're ready, click "Start Stream (or press the F8 key) to begin broadcasting Nosgoth live on your own Twitch channel!

http://www.nosgoth.com/system/rich/rich_files/rich_files/000/000/230/blog/twitchnosgoth-image5.png (http://www.nosgoth.com/blog_image/230/blog_large)

STEP 6 -You can stop your broadcast at any time by clicking "Stop Stream" (or by pressing the F9 key).

http://www.nosgoth.com/system/rich/rich_files/rich_files/000/000/231/blog/twitchnosgoth-image6.png (http://www.nosgoth.com/blog_image/231/blog_large)

Once you have stopped a streaming session, your video will be saved to your Twitch account based on the settings you have selected on the website.

Note: This feature is a work in progress, so it is possible that you may encounter some bugs in its current stage. It will continue to be optimized in future updates. Your broadcast quality is also dependent on your system specifications and Internet connection's upload speed

22nd Aug 2014, 14:07
Nice Tutorial :), thx alot.

26th Jan 2016, 11:49
I tried to setup nosgoth twitch integration last year but back then it didn't work. Correct me if i'm wrong, but for now its better to use Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) A good start guide can be found on the twitch help section, and its fairly easy to setup.

27th Jan 2016, 23:24
It's been broken since they released it. To my knowledge, it's not on the list of priorities to fix since most streamers use OBS anyways.

15th Feb 2016, 05:38
I found OBS to run a lot smoother but it is a nice option just to have to start.