View Full Version : Make it a serious game please... please.

4th Nov 2014, 18:03
I enjoyed all the hitman games and also the last one.
What troubles me is that characters are all so unprofessional and it makes it seem unrealistic. The Dexter guy is supposed to be the head of a serious organization but... oh the profanity.... on and on. I mean the charcters, protagonists as well as antagonists should be serious people. But in the last game were just bad jokes.

4th Nov 2014, 18:41
I agree...the targets should be serious.even as serious as 47..not funny and unproffesional like dexter.

4th Nov 2014, 20:25
I can only half agree with you guys here. I think the problem you're drawing from is the fact that the entire game revolved around the characters. But noone can argue that they weren't done great. Sure for a hitman game its a bit off putting to have dexter as a main villian, but that's the crux of the entire thing. It focused too much on them. If there was less of him and others in the story, I think we would have liked him as a villian.
-If all they let you know: Dexter is a ruthless man. Loves old valentino movies and is as texan as one can get. You then encounter him only once and you see just how crazy and true to character he is, it would have had a totally different feeling. Knowing that he is in the shadows pulling all the strings, instead of seeing him freak out every other cutscene, which makes him look less calculated and 'seriious'.

So I would say, keep a bit more mystery to the main character. Let him be in the background, not constantly complaining on how 47 is ruining his plans. That's the main problem with dexter. Oh and some people simply doesn't like his character.