View Full Version : New Hitman movie looks terrible... August 2015 release???

2nd Nov 2014, 21:10
Who is this Rupert Friend? Another bad video game movie.

Here is one game that provides all the necessary elements for a good movie. All they had to do was place Agent 47 in a 007 backdrop with a convincing 47. What is so hard about this. They could've even based the movie on Enemy Within. Still would've made for a better film than that last piece of garbage they released with Timothy Olyphant. Same with this movie. The original actor they had in mind was Paul Walker. Unless he had a convincing British accent I couldn't imagine him playing 47. This Rupert Friend guy is too skinny, short and Omega-looking.

On the plus side, the movie is slated to release in August of 2015. It was originally set for February. Could this be an indicator of the game's release?? Hope so. I was sure it was gonna be another year before getting any more info. But I doubt they'll release the movie by itself.

Fingers crossed.

3rd Nov 2014, 06:56
Hitman movie is always a mistake because no one is looks like 47 that we have in game.the game's 47 is great......when you see him you are scaring no one is like him.
But if they want to make a movie david bateson should be as 47.he is closer man to 47 i ever seen.