View Full Version : Hitman animated movie ?

2nd Nov 2014, 15:39
I was thinking with the huge success of the hitman game series it's only fair that the developers should consider making an animation movie besides a game just like the resident evil animated movies Degeneration. What do you guys think of that ? I'm guessing if done properly , it would be epic.

2nd Nov 2014, 15:59
Hey man it would be amazing...yes it would be nice.when i see hitman absolution cutscences that they are not over 3 minutes i want to see them again and again if they make something like that over 1:30 hour i will die from watching that
If they make a animation for hitman(animation's story should be connected to hitman games series story)it would be very good.but resident evil's animation(im my opnion) was bad because it was breaking the games story and it's not good.also hitman movie made at 2006 was breaking the game's story and it was terrible.
I hope square enix make hitman animation!!!

2nd Nov 2014, 20:59
IMO, Hitman (done right) wouldn't feel right animated.

2nd Nov 2014, 22:43
Any tv series (doesn't matter if animated or with real actors) would break Hitman. They would surely cram it with action and turn to mindless rumble. I'd accept only C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation style. But it'd be hard to mix it with evil protagonist.

3rd Nov 2014, 07:00
Yeah you are right kewlak......when they want to make a movie from hitman they usualy use action scences.we don't like it.it would be nice to make his missions stealthly just as in the game.

17th Oct 2018, 09:55
I totally agree with you. Even I am of the same opinion. There are so many shows and movies available now days that needs variation. I hope it happens. Luckily, I found some nice shows by Andy Yeatman (https://medium.com/@andyyeatman) on Netflix that are fit for kids. I am glad they are learning good things from the shows.

29th Nov 2018, 11:02
John Wick is the closest you could get to the screening of a real Hitman