View Full Version : I was disappointed with TR, Please fix.

2nd Nov 2014, 07:16
Tomb Raider Definitive had a nice story, and excellent gameplay.

My problem comes from the fact that it reminded me of Apocalypse Now, had very little to do with actually raiding vast forgotten tombs that hadn't been discovered for centuries.

Where was the actual "adventuring" that we fell in love with in the original Tomb Raider? Please don't just stick us on another island and let us explore a few caves and call it "tomb raiding".

DE was too urban, too much horror and not enough actual puzzle and adventure. Please go back to your routes with the next installment.

2nd Nov 2014, 10:21
This should really be n the TR1'13 section, but I'm sure a mod will fix for you :).

Well, the exhibition was meant to be an archaeological find, Lara's first major exhibition, but it failed due to what was happening on the island. Although she was actively seeking adventure, what was meant to be a relatively safe exhibition, quickly turned into a terrifying, dangerous and violent battle for survival. This was the event that puts Lara on the path toward becoming a Tomb Raider. Lara's priority quickly becomes one of survival and rescue to make sure she and her friends make it off the island. Although she was there for the archaeology (originally), she wasn't a tomb raider yet. She wasn't yet willingly putting herself in dangers way for a prize of an artefact or discovery/solving a myth or legend thought that came into it.

That in mind, I think it's fair there wasn't too much of the actual tomb raiding/adventuring essence quite yet, though it was touched upon. The whole island had a feeling of foreboding and was essentially, a massive grave. Lara was often on her own in dark dingy places and there was Himiko's tomb and the General's resting place. But no they lacked that feeling of discovering a vast temple/tomb, trying to navigate through traps and solving puzzles to reach the final goal. There was far too much combat, which interrupted any feelings of isolation pretty quickly. Hopefully this will be recaptured in Rise when Lara is actually on an adventure she's chosen to go on, not as a student or someone's protégé, on her own terms. I doubt she'll be as vulnerable again, and we know it involves at least some globe trotting.

3rd Nov 2014, 00:21
The devs have said they took this (very common) complaint to heart, and will be bringing back the raiding for ROTTR. Looking forward to it!