View Full Version : I got a combat idea for hitman 6

30th Oct 2014, 20:01
so let's say you have 2 guards in front and you have to take them down so you approach them instead of killing them from distance and just approach them and just start a tiny chat and just something like
-47: excuse me :scared look: or :shocked: there, there,... is a dead man over there.
and then one of the guards believe's him and turn's around just his head just to see and in that moment 47 hits one of the guy hard then the second one is like "what" and quickly the second one and done.
God bless you all

30th Oct 2014, 22:40
*cough http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=153745 *cough
Not a bad idea, as it ties in with the blend mechanic. How it would play out (in other words how you control the situation) could be difficult. Do you just interact and 47 always does the look over there thing, is it random, or do you select what you want to do... etc. Again not a bad idea, maybe you can elaborate a bit more on the implementation.

-also, imo although its your idea, feel free to use existing threads that share your topic instead of making a new one. For me, at least, it makes it easy to track all the ideas not have a bunch all over the place.
But hey, I'm not a mod, and if none of the mods have a problem, then forget what I said.

2nd Nov 2014, 18:46
That would be hard to program for Eidos, but would be cool.