View Full Version : I like to talk with you some where out of this forum

27th Oct 2014, 09:45
I like to talk with you guys somewhere out of this forums.
talking to huge hitman fans is always intresting for me!!!
If you search Arvin Naeimi on twitter you will find me and I will have this honor to talk with you.
I'm waiting for you...............:whistle:

27th Oct 2014, 17:29
Thank you semajmarc87 for following me on twitter.but right know i can't twitt and i don't know why right now.you don't know when i understood you are following me how i felt...a good feeling.i will twitt with you as soon as my problem with twitter page fixes.stay followed to me.and i'm waiting for more hitman fans to follow me.

29th Oct 2014, 10:22
Until my problem fixes you can Email to my Gmail account.