View Full Version : where 47 was in last cutscene of blood money???

19th Oct 2014, 19:14
it's a big question in my head.Where 47 was in last cutscene of blood money???
he got in with johnson name.it was a chinese place.maybe that was lee hong's place............I don't know!!!!:mad2:
where ever he was developers can make this mission in hitman 6 to let us know everything about that.
if you have any idea that where he was???to kill who???let me know.

19th Oct 2014, 20:26
First i thought it will be some reference to the next title. But after Absolution i have no clue what it was supposed to show.
Maybe after ICA disintegration 47 decided to visit... Mei Ling? He hadn't had any work anyway so i think assassination doesn't come into play. And this place all in red curtains reminds me a brothel (but no, i was never in brothel :rolleyes:)

20th Oct 2014, 07:49
I think the only purpose of it was to show us that 47 is ok after what happened at the funeral and is back to contract killing.I don‘t think that cutscene has anything to do with some of the future missions we‘ll see.It‘s probably just a hotel in which he‘s staying in between the missions...