View Full Version : DX: The Fall - voice actor

19th Oct 2014, 00:29
I just finished DX: The Fall for the n-th time, and finally gathered all the turntable models and all achievements :)

After my play-through I waited on the end credits - boy was I surprised.

A curious thing entered my eye, a voice actor named Dennis Kleinman playing the role of Isaac Tiven.

Credits list:

Now, I could not remember meeting this character in game, and my search on the Internet resulted in nothing found.

Maybe this character just did not make the final cut.

Does anyone now something about this character in regards to Deus Ex lore? :)

19th Oct 2014, 12:18
I haven't played The Fall and I can't say I recall the name as far as the lore goes.

Some extra info on the actor: