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16th Oct 2014, 18:45
Sorry for bad English!!!
It's an amazing idea:)
47 is in England,London and as usual he is staying in a hotel room for night.
that night is night curfew!!!(some nights in London is night curfew)
suddenly he receives a phone call:it's Diana:
Diana:I have a job for you 47 if you are ready to do it
47:I'm Always Ready.just send me the briefing
47 turn on his laptop and he understands from briefing that something is happening outside.someones bribed the agents outside a lot of money to let them be outside at night.they are aiming for having a big deal outside give money and receive drug!!!
47's objective is to take down all of the guys that they are in deal.
47 is thinking on how he should do that!!!
finally he realizes that the best way to take them down is using sniper.
deal time is at 03:00 o'clock!!!
At 02:00 O'clock he put on his suit and take his sniper's briefcase(Kazo) and get out of hotel.
now this mission begins.
you should by pass agents.
if you detect by agents outside the game will restart.
your objective in this mission is to find best location for take down enemies(in a roof of a church or any apartments that you like choice is yours!!!)
you find the best place that you think is better and this mission is finish.
next level is like sniper challenge.you should take out all of targets by sniper sitting on rooftop that you choose.
let me know how was that Idea!!!:rolleyes:

16th Oct 2014, 19:19
this Thread Realy needed exclamation point!!!
it was the best thread I submited here.
I owe a thanks to all developers of Hitman series and they who maked this site.
it's very good idea to let us tell you what we think or submit ideas about levels and story and...thank you.
I think it's my final thread because i don't have anything to say now.
If my threads are annoying sorry.(because some of you said that.specialy for using exclamation point on all of them)
But this one is an amazing idea.

17th Oct 2014, 01:09
Maybe Travis can sticky this thread (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=141242) as well since it is the most comprehensive thread for level ideas on this board.

17th Oct 2014, 03:19
Seems like an interesting idea. I've always felt that Hitman didn't have enough sniper moments, it's usually 2-3 throughout the entire game (Blood Money was disappointing in that regard), Hitman spends most of the game toting around a briefcase and rarely uses it. I don't know about the mission immediately aborting just because you've been spotted. At the very least 47 should have an opportunity to neutralize the threat before they ring for help.

This would certainly break the routine, but let's not turn Hitman into Sniper Challenge.

27th Oct 2014, 06:22
Having a level littered with optional sniping spots I like. I don't like that the mission will end once you've found a spot for then to have the next mission be a sniper challenge, I don't like that at all.