View Full Version : PAX 2012 - Thank You Square Enix & Robert Peeler

2nd Sep 2012, 16:45
You guys made PAX 2012 one to remember. Hopefully next year we will be playing Versus XIII here ;). You guys had some very fun games and the 25th Anniversary was quite fun. (some things I would don't different personally but that's just nitpicking :D).

I would also like to thank our Community Manager, Robert Peeler. He was very approachable and extremely nice man. If you guys ever meet him don't be shy. He's very cool. I talked to him a lot at PAX and the anniversary and even came and found me at the 25th Event to talk. So for that I wanted to say thank you.

Hopefully a Community Day will come one of these days.

Anyways thank you Square and Robert for the awesome time. I hope someday to work with you guys and have as much fun as I did when speaking with you guys. :)


3rd Sep 2012, 07:55
It was great meeting you and other fans, and I hope we can do something like this again soon!

Likewise there is the 10th Anniversary FINAL FANTASY XI Concert in Berkeley CA on 9/22. I hope to see a lot of you there!

4th Sep 2012, 00:55
Heh. I spent a lot of money getting to and being in Seattle (my goodness they tax on everything!). So I don't think I will be going to that. I think I will be saving up for GDC and next years E3. Maybe PAX Boston if I have a good chunk of change saved up.

Maybe I will see you at one of those events next year (that is of course if you guys don't have any plans to be at any events later this year).

Hopefully next year I can visit Tokyo and go to TGS. That would be a great adventure. Maybe Members can hold a contest where they fly out like a few NA Square Enix Members to Tokyo and TGS. That would be amazing. ^_-