View Full Version : we want classic 47 as he was before!

9th Oct 2014, 20:17
47 is a clone made by dr.ortmeyer.he should'nt be like other people.make him as he was in Codename 47,silent assassin,contracts,blood money and absolution.
for example he don't like..............I Repeat DON'T LIKE sex or drinking alcohol
or some like that and it's a good 47.for example when layla became nude or diana was nude in shower 47 did not stimulate to have sex with them and it's very good.one of the reasons that make him best character ever in every games is that he is not a capricious character in other words his emotionless.he sacrificed his life to killing bad people and this works is not important to him.also he is a clone and don't have emotion!!!In other words don't change any personality characteristics of 47.please:worship:
We want 47 as he was before,emotionless and cold behavior.
my english is terrible but try to understand what I said!!!

15th Oct 2014, 02:27
This robotic approach due to the genetic modification would be nice to see. That cold calculating thing that made him a hitman. his straight forward demeanor which seems to make it like he has no personality is actually his character which creates his brand now that I think about it, never thought about that part before, haha.

16th Oct 2014, 10:01
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