View Full Version : Oculus Rift and FOV

30th Sep 2014, 10:40
With VorpX, DX:HR can be played with the Rift, complete with DK1-style head tracking, but the game is still basically unplayable. It's possible to live without the portions of the UI that exist in the deep periphery, but 100 FOV doesn't quite get there. The sweet spot is somewhere in 110-120, but I can't find any way to make that happen. Does anyone know how I can increase the FOV further?

Honestly, there's already a lot of great content for the DK2, but DX:HR is what I keep coming back to. It's already extremely immersive on a flat screen. I got to get IN there, y'know?

6th Oct 2014, 07:23
Hey guys, I figured it out. Just go to regedit>current user>software>eidos>Deus Ex: HRDC parent directory. The FOV isn't in the subfolders for the other settings, you gotta stay at the top one. The values are in hex, so you just edit whatever your current setting is to 78 for 120fov. And don't navigate to the game settings menu in game; that breaks the spell.

I'm pretty excited. This is the whole reason I dropped all that money on a prototype VR headset.