View Full Version : Problem with M7

28th Sep 2014, 09:23
Hi, i have problem with Mission called "Stopping the Transmission". Right after dialogue with Sarif helicopter should take me up but he didn't come. I tried to start mission from begining, reload save but nohing happened, heli still doesn't exist. Can you guys help me cuz Deus Ex is really awesome game and I want to keep playing but i stucked on this part ;(

28th Sep 2014, 11:16

Maybe you did exactly what I did - returned to the helipad back at the office. :scratch:

28th Sep 2014, 13:51
No, i don't think so. Btw. Malik doesn't even tell me to stand near the antene. Everything ends after Sarif quote.

30th Sep 2014, 03:01
Very rarely, a mission's next step isn't triggered when you complete a step (happened to me just before the Namir encounter, twice). This was pretty much fixed in the vanilla game with updates, but if you're playing the Director's Cut, it's based on an older vanilla build and what do you know, some "fixed" bugs are reintroduced.

I would just reload an older save, from the previous map if possible, if you have one.