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23rd Sep 2014, 16:15
Hello, :)

I know that very many issues were opened regarding the soundtrack.

But I would like to again make clear that it is very important to create a good soundtrack for Hitman!
And that can only Jesper Kyd! he has created with his music Hitman and if you then simply another composer buys it's easy in my eyes just rubbish!
I know that Jesper himself has officially confirmed the cell he can not make the soundtrack for Hitman 6! Since he has a lot of projects. But you can talk about anything, right? Moreover, he does not know when the game will appear, is also possible that he has until then a little space in his "list"! If it is not yet so I would even 1 year in addition to wait for the soundtrack! It's just (excuse the expression) damn important to have a good soundtrack !! And as I said it can only Jesper he just felt for the Hitman parts because he has also started doing. If his music was bad, he would certainly not have been around so long! He is simply a masterpiece and divine:-)

What do you think this (also to the admins)? :)

Here songs by Jesper:

Blood Money:

Silent Assassin:


Codename 47:

My personal favorites:

1. Hitman Blood Money
2. Hitman Silent Assassin
3. Hitman Contracts
4. Hitman Codename 47

(Hitman Absolution I do not want to accept that it is not a real soundtrack for me)

It is important to me! And for the others, dear IO team !!!! :)

23rd Sep 2014, 16:53
I get what your saying. But in my opinion mr Kyd isn't the only person on the planet that can make good hitman music. I haven't followed the news for a while so I have no idea about Kyd stating that he cannot make the soundtrack for H6. If this is the case, then so be it in my eyes. Sure Kyd did a great job in past titles and would be a magnificent addition for future titles. But as long as the music is great and atmospheric I don't really care who makes it (no disrespect to anyone making the soundtrack now).
I would much rather they give us some short skits from the soundtrack. Like release one of the new songs for the fans. Give us a taste of what's to come. I believe then we can give constructive feedback on the soundtrack, not just keep begging for Kyd to come back :) (again no offense to anyone).
Oh and of course some trailers :)

p.s I don't think the soundtrack for absolution is bad. It actually fits the game well. Since it wasn't a Hit focused hitman. It wa 47 outside of the agency against some..... wel..... odd vilians. The game would have really felt out of place had they kept the same type of music from previous games.

24th Sep 2014, 06:24
I agree. As long as the music fits the game and is capable of setting the right atmosphere, yes, like Kyd managed to do rather well, I'd be fine with it.

25th Sep 2014, 02:46
I've seen some things written about what kind of music the new hitman should have.
Some argue it does not matter much since the pass game environment for those who are playing.

I think the team IO team aims to please their fans the best way possible.

How about this challenge?

- Do your best music for one level.
- Then give a change to Jerper to make her version.

Show the fans both and let them choose ...


I find myself listening to several times some songs of Hitman Blood Money and after all of this time,the songs still bristle me..

I'm sure that the IO team will consider what we say, and to be honest I liked the environment of absolution, but sometimes someting is missing.

We're are talking about the number one assassin (Agent 47)
Hitman series are the best...

Guess who is number 1, watch the video below.


5th Nov 2014, 17:49
Hey Guys,

I have found something new from Jesper Kyd!

In an interview he was asked if such will ever hear his music again in Hitman (among other things was also the question as to whether he comes back even to the Assassins Creed series). "Who knows, he answers it," he confirmed only one part of Ezio's family in Unity and Rouge should hear. But to "Hitman" He said nothing, maybe that's a hint .....

(Interview: http://nerdreactor.com/2014/09/04/jesper-kyd-metal-hurlant-chronicles/)

5th Nov 2014, 18:31
He is a good choice for hitman.specialy when i see hitman contracts trailer the music is very good set to atmosphere...soundtrack is one of most important things... imagine a level with out soundtrack...it's terrible!!!music is important.please mr.jesper kyd if it's possibe...at any cost do hitman 6 soundtrack!!!