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16th Sep 2014, 20:55
The ICA have always been both mysterious and yet clearly powerful throughout the Hitman Series.

The top notch surveillance, medical history, and personality files on potential targets give both 47 and the player a licence to be creative in their execution.

I think the actions of Benjamin Travis in Absolution by association made the ICA seem a little hapless and unprofessional. The taking over of Hope and Diana's Graveyard site, the agency labelled weaponry and equipment, and dealings with all seemed to be actions highly unlikely of an organisation shrouded in secrecy who are "everywhere and nowhere"

I would like the ICA's influence and discretionary powers to be highlighted in Hitman 6 as it was with previous games. This could include,

1) Satellite imagery/Thermal signature
2) Video Clips of targets at location/earlier years (allows detective work)
3) Providing a Contact for 47 to buy & customise weapons (think Bonds M)
4) An Agency exclusive tablet (think Ground Zeroes) that would contain Map, Objectives, Target info, and differing payouts depending on the type of kill (more for accident or framing another party)
5) Perhaps 47 meeting with a fellow ICA employee (informant, mole) to get further information to just clarify the ICA have people everywhere.

The ICA are clearly a major player in international relations and not siding with any specific country whilst remaining an attractive service for governments/High net worth individuals and militia groups.

47 is the greatest assassin on the planet, but he works for the THE company in wet work/contract killing. Let's see it!

17th Sep 2014, 03:33
I likes me whats you says.

My only apprehension would be seeing this technology appear during gameplay. I quite like the raw behavior-based gameplay that feels so unique to Hitman. Regardless, I would definitely like to see more of these things during the mission briefings.

I was recently thinking of how great the Hitman: Sniper Challenge that preceded the release of Absolution was. A part of this experience, for me, was the mission introduction, that was so emblematic of the powerful, secretive, omniscient organization empoying Mr. 47.

I also think that such features could indirectly benefit the gameplay experience. You mentioned the possibility of video profiles leading into detective work for the player. I think this could be great, if implemented properly. Allow the player to figure things out on his or her own. Don't make things too obvious like most modern games or too cryptic like the original Metal Gear games.

17th Sep 2014, 06:12
I fully agree Myth, though I probably didn't explain myself very well.

I would also like the majority of ICA assistance to be provided pre-mission as it allows the player to then organically/strategically choose their weapon load-out to suit the terrain of the level and to address any variables or intel uncovered in the research.

Various buildings next to target location? Possible sniper with briefcase opportunities
Metal detectors (perhaps source gun once through security)
No photo of target but informed he has a limp or notable scar? Start being a detective

The tablet could work as a substitution to show the map (which most people want over instinct) and yet still provide current objectives, health, and amount of ammo.

17th Sep 2014, 22:40
I completely agree! I think it's best we all just forget absolution ever existed. I'm just going to pretend it didn't happen and Diana and the ICA are as discrete & professional as ever.

I remember the days of the first few Rainbow Six games. You had the map and load out before the actual gameplay where you could plan out exactly how/where/when your team mates would execute the mission. Planning it before the level was half the fun! I could spend over an hour working out the best execution of one level before jumping into the action.

Imagine watching previous videos of your target and each video you see him drunk or drinking! Hmmmm... perhaps he likes a drink or two... this could be how I take him out... make sure I pack the poison!

Seeing some pictures of the target and seeing the same body guard in each photo. Hmmmmm... he will unlikely be alone when I try take him out... make sure I pack the ballers!


Having excellent intel for the load out would be wicked.

18th Sep 2014, 13:55
Have to agree with the OP
Granted, I do think the subplot of Absolution
Travis was working outside of the Agency. He was high ranked so I guess that's why the agency was pretty silent in the game.
As weak as that may sound, it is true.
So I hope the Real Agency come back into play next time around.
But don't forget the agency did have trouble before. Blood Money showed us that.